Best Time To Shop For Kids Clothes

The season that probably most of us have been dreading is almost over! Finally what we all been waiting for is among us Spring and Summer. So when is the best time to get new clothes for kids? In this post I’ll tell you when it’s the best time to shop for kids clothing so you can get more for your money.

Smart Tips

Retailers know that when the demand is high people are willing to pay for clothes at full price. So they make sure to have everything at full price in the front of the store. While the clearance is always in the back of the store somewhere because they want you to spend more money by paying full price. The best time to shop for kids clothing is at the end of a season or right after a holiday. Why? Retailers immediately mark down their prices after a holiday or at the end of a season.

They have to get rid of everything in order to have room for the new styles and products coming in. So the longer you wait the better the deal you’ll get on kids clothing. Also if you shop online they tend to have even better sales as well as a better selection of clothes.


The best time to shop for kids winter clothing and coats is in December and January. Since the winter is coming to an end the retailers mark everything down to get ready for the Spring wear. If you’re worried about the coat not fitting your child by next year then buy 1-2 sizes up.

Smart Tip

You could even buy 1-2 sizes up on the clothing so your kids could wear them next year or even the year after. When the prices are low it’s better to stock up then so you’ll already have it when you need it. Then you’ll be avoiding having to pay full price when the clothing is in high demand again.


This is when it’s the best time to shop for kids athletic clothes and stock up for the coming years. My favorite place to shop is online because I’ve seen athletic shirts for as low as $1.00. This is also a great time to get your kids athletic shoes for gym at school or just play shoes.


This is when all the swimwear will go on sale because the retailers are in a hurry to get rid of all the swimwear. You could buy 1-2 sizes up for your child and even buy multiples of a different one. Then they could have a couple of different ones to wear so that they won’t want a new one next year.


This is the best time to really stock up on jeans for the winter time and the coming years. I know my son goes through a growth spurt that seems to be every week. So I like to get a size up so he can have extra time to grow in them as well as them lasting longer. It’s better to stock up on a good pair of jeans that are marked down rather than paying for a cheap pair that won’t last long.

Best Deals

Clearance Section- There is always a great selection of clearance items in a lot of different stores. Shop the clearance section at Meijer, Walmart, Target, and even online to get the best deals. I’ve seen a lot of great deals online even at Macy’s, Kohl’s, and JcPenney.

Store Ads- Keep an eye out for the ads of your favorite stores as well. As soon as you see a sale you should shop as early as you can. This will give you the chance to stock up on the good selection of clothes they have in the clearance section. When the store has a sale on clothes the clearance section is going to be even cheaper.

Cheaper When You Wait- The longer you can wait to shop the cheaper the clothes will be when you do. Once clothes are already on clearance if people don’t buy them then the retailers mark them down even cheaper. I hope this post has helped you with some tips! Happy Shopping!!


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