Best Hosting Site For 2018

Are you looking for a new hosting site but unsure of what to choose? There are so many different hosting sites out there such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, and WebhostingHub. Are they really the best hosting sites though? You should try SiteGround as your new hosting site it’s the best hosting site for 2018. Why is siteground the best hosting site for 2018? They are faster, safer, and their support system is much better than any of the other leading hosting sites.


Siteground loads websites faster which is what anyone with a business needs for this year. The industry average loading time is 4,7 seconds while SiteGrounds loading time without cache is 1,7 seconds and their loading time with cache is 1,3 seconds.


Siteground can handle way more traffic than the other hosting sites as well. The industry average hits handled are 2852 while siteground on the other hand without cache handles 3 times more which is 8276. With cache they can handle over 230,000 and that’s a lot.


SiteGround also keeps your site safe unlike the other leading hosting sites that are vulnerable. SiteGround was the first to apply account isolation which protects you from your neighbors. Most of the other shared hosts apply similar techniques but it’s still possible to see an environment that is not properly isolated.


SiteGround answers your calls immediately while other companies have over 10 minutes of waiting time. When you call and need help it’s really important for you to get help immediately. Even if you decide to chat for support your issue will be resolved in 5 minutes. They resolve more issues faster than any other hosting site.

Don’t just take my words for it though head over to SiteGround and see for yourself how great they are. Right now they are offering 60% off their regular price which is originally $9.95/mo for only $3.95/mo.

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