When your kids are so cute it can be hard sometimes to discipline them. All parents have their very own unique ways of disciplining their kids though and I give the parents props that actually discipline their kids. There are so many different methods of disciplining your kids. Some of the methods work obviously and some of them don’t. Discipline is a topic that a lot of people like to talk about while others don’t. This post should actually be directed to DCS also known as child protective services who don’t have any children but think they know it all. I’m laughing out loud about that last statement. Anyways I’ve personally tried a lot of different discipline strategies and sometimes I need to use different methods with each of my kids. Now one thing I absolutely can’t stand is for someone to call a whoopin on your child’s behind child abuse. Are you serious? Do you have any kids? Have you ever watched mine? So many questions come to my mind when I hear that. Well I’m not here to judge or start drama though because that’s just not what I do. I do however have my own opinion as well as like to speak on them. I’d just like to share a few discipline methods that I personally use and I am by far from being a perfect mom but I do however try to be the best I can be.

Take Away

You could take away something that your child really likes for a day to a week (or longer). That could be anything like their toys, cell phone, games, tv, book, etc. My boys play games all day and everyday so when I take that away from them they start to act right.

Nap Time

You could also make them take a nap because more than likely their tired and that’s why their acting out. It will give them a nice restart on their mind and body.


One of my favorite things to do is make my kids clean up their mess because they are all old enough to except my youngest. You could make them clean the bathroom or their room when they act up. They’ll have plenty of time to calm down while cleaning especially if it’s a lot.

Now if all else fails you can whoop their ass! I’m kidding .. but I’m not because everyone was raised differently and it even states in the Bible it’s okay to discipline that way. I believe in all types of discipline except actual child abuse. Also excuse my language but I’m a mom and I do swear at times. I mean honestly who don’t when you have kids?? I personally don’t have to use that method and prefer taking their stuff away because it lasts longer and is more painful to them.  I myself have unique parenting skills as well better than any DCS person.

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  1. Great tips!! I use the take away method and the nap time method. My 4year old daughter actually likes to clean so that method would not be a punishment lol.

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