Why Should you breastfeed? There are so many reasons why you should breastfeed and also great benefits. Breastfeeding is something that only you can provide to your baby.

Healthy & Natural

Breastfeeding can be difficult for some mothers while it can be a breeze for others. Breastfeeding is natural and good for your body as well as your baby’s. Your breast milk is the best milk for your baby that only YOU can provide. It’s all natural with all of the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs for its first year of life. If you start breastfeeding right after you have your baby it also helps slim down your waist back to where it was. You don’t have to worry about what is in your baby’s milk because it’s coming from you. Your breast milk can also heal your baby’s scratches that they make on their little faces. Your breast milk can also help prevent your baby from getting sick and helps build their immune system up. I personally breastfed all four of my kids and I’m actually still breastfeeding my youngest. I love to breastfeed and I have no regrets about it!

Easy & Convenient

Breastfeeding is much easier and more convenient than having to make a bottle for your baby. I literally hated having to wake up on sleepless nights for anything! The ease of only having to pop your nipple in your baby’s mouth is a BIG relief!! With breastfeeding you don’t have to worry about cleaning a bottle, warming up the milk, and most importantly having to get out of bed. You literally can breastfeed your baby anywhere as well. I never gave a damn about what ANYONE had to say about where I fed my child. When your baby is hungry you feed them regardless of where you are!


For me personally words can’t describe the bonding experience you gain from breastfeeding. It’s a blessing from God to be able to do that and that’s what they are there for. Your baby starts to bond with you immediately when you start to breastfeed all though they bond with you after you have them regardless. It’s a bond that no one else will have with your baby but you. Your baby will also want to be around you all of the time as well because he/she knows your the food source. You can also breastfeed for however long your comfortable with.

Breastfeeding is something that every mother should try to do for their baby and I know everyone is different and has their own opinions. There are also great support systems for mothers who are really having a hard time breastfeeding. I know at the hospital they encourage it as well as send a breastfeeding specialist in to assist you. WIC Women Infants & Children also encourage breastfeeding and help out with breast pumps as well as breastfeeding support.

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