10 Legit Jobs You Can Do From Home


You could start-up a blog and get paid for doing it. You can write just about anything you’d like from cooking, kids, crafts, how to make money and the list goes on. There is a lot of steps to get started but I promise you it’s not as hard as you may think. It’s actually quite easy once you get the hang of it and you could always do practice blogs for free by going to www.blogger.com. If you like to write or share your thoughts with other people then this may be a job for you.


You could also start-up a YouTube channel which is really easy to get started. All you would need to do is set up an account with YouTube and start posting videos on your channel. If your funny or have a talent your really good at then you could make videos about it. Once you reach a certain amount of views you could become a partner with YouTube and they’ll start paying you. You can make videos about anything as long as it’s appropriate and follows YouTube’s rules.

Sell Your Products

Another thing you can do is sell items you make right at home or even sell stuff you don’t use anymore. If you like to sew, fix things, or make custom-made things like t-shirts you could start selling them. Of course it will take some time to create whatever it is you like to make but once you do you could really make a profit from it. You could sell your items on Etsy, Facebook, Craigslist, Letgo and if you make your own website you could sell them on there.

Virtual Assistant

If your familiar with the job site Indeed.com, you could apply to become a virtual assistant. Knowing how to be organized and having great communication skills is a plus. The great thing about this is you can do it anywhere like at home, the library, and even at a coffee shop if you wanted to. If you move out-of-state you don’t have to worry about losing your position and can continue doing it because you’re doing it online.

Online Tutor

If your good at teaching and have a lot of patience you could try to become an online tutor. I recommend looking for positions on FlexJobs because they are legit and have no scams. There are a lot of different ways you could tutor as well. You could tutor just about any age group from kindergartener to students. If your good at math or teaching another language this might be a good opportunity for you.

Online Juror

Most people have probably received a letter in the mail about jury duty and that’s basically what this is. Only they pay you more and you don’t have to go to the courthouse to get paid. The sites that offer this position is eJury.com and Online Verdict so if your interested you should check those sites out.

Freelance Writer

You could become a freelance writer if your good at writing or just love to write. There are a couple of sites that offer you freelance positions as well. One of the websites that offer it is and what I like to use is www.flexjobs.com. Some of the freelance positions that are available include an automotive writer, medical writer, parenting and pregnancy writer, and freelance bloggers. That’s just a list of a few of them that I ran across but there’s a lot more of different positions.

Customer Service

You know when you call your cell phone or internet provider and talk to someone who sounds like they are from India? No offense to anyone by the way but you could do what they’re doing and become a customer service representative. It’s something like Alorica if your familiar with them only thing different is you won’t be making the phone calls. It will be an inbound service so you’ll be answering their calls and helping them with their issue or questions they may have.

Playtest Cloud

Do you enjoy playing games on your cell phone? If so you could get paid via PayPal for playing games that haven’t been released yet on Playtest Cloud. I personally tried it but I guess I wasn’t hype enough for them and I wasn’t thinking out loud which is what they were looking for. All you need to do is sign up and play the game they pick for you and think out loud while playing. It’s actually really easy to do though and fun. So if your loud when you play games or really get into it while your playing then this may be a good fit for you.

Survey Taker

You could also get paid for taking surveys and for trying out new products in your home then telling your opinions about it. I actually signed up for a lot of them myself because the more you sign up for the more money you could make. There are a few that I personally use and trust which are Ipsos I-say, MyPoints, PineCone Research, and Harris Poll. The pay varies with each survey you take anywhere from a couple of cents to 30 dollars. There’s more websites and apps that offer you paid surveys but you do have to be careful for spam. The ones I mentioned before are legit and you don’t need to worry about any spam.


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